Underground Audio is a commercial recording facility owned and operated by Christopher Brownbill. It is located in West End, just 10 minutes outside of Brisbane City. It has been designed to cater to independent artists and bands in terms of budget, accessibility and its inventory of equipment.

The studio measures 108m2 in the main tracking room and 32m2 in the dead room. Originally constructed from brick, the studio has been meticulously treated to control sound energy, though a lot of the brick and concrete has been preserved to create a flattering and lively, reflective sound. The dead room however has been isolated and built to be close to entirely non reflective. The walls are consisting of absorptive membranes to control low end.

Underground houses a vast assemblage of boutique amplifiers, drum sets, instruments and recording equipment which can be viewed in the ‘inventory’ section of this site.

Freelance engineers are welcome, as are all kinds of bands and artists. If you have any question about recording here please email undergroundaudiobrisbane@gmail.com



AMEK Einstein Super E (32 ch)


Ampex MM1200 2” 24 track


Pro tools 10
SSL Alpha link conversion


Ceriatone JMP plexi (w/ master volume mod)
Marshall JCM 800 Marshall JCM SLX-900 x 2 Blackstar HT100 Peavey VTM 120 x 2 Peavey Mark IV Peavey firebass Sound City Mark III Musicman HD130
Acoustic Control 220 x 2
Traynor TS-50b
H&K statesman
Verellen Meatsmoke
Verellen Loucks
Solic IC78
Ampeg V6b x 2
Sunn Solarus
Ratajczyk Overdrive special


Marshall 1960 x 2
Orange 4x12 (90’s version) x 2
Orange 2x12
Fender 6x12
Ampeg fridge
Peavey 6x12

Drum sets

Japanese Yamaha recording custom (80's)
Ludwig Stainless Steel (78)
Tama Star Classic (japanese, 80's)
Slingerland 6 piece (76)
Black Beauty 14x6
Supraphonic 14x6



Heil PR48
AKG D112
Shure sm7
Shure sm57 x 5
Heil PR40
Heil PR30 x 3
Heil PR22 x 2
Heil PR28 x 2
Electro-voice RE20
Beyerdynamic M55
Beyerdynamic M201


Audio Technica atm450
Audio Technica pro37
U87 clone
121 clone
Line CM3 x 2
12 gauge redshell
CAD Equitek
Shure beta91a
Crown GLM


Beyerdynamic M160 x 2
121 clone

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Contact Underground Audio

Feel free to get in touch to enquire about prices, recording dates or room hire. We are happy cater to all artists in their endeavor to create music they are passionate about.